Cheltenham Festival at the Fox

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Poker Monday 1st March 2010

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March 1st, £20 re-buy

Usual 8pm start - 2,000 starting chips, re-buys first three levels £20 for 2,000 mo'. Possible some sort of weird double top-up allowed to before the break. Come on down, bring the kids, then leave them in the car.

Re-buy any cards, re-buy any cards, re-buy any cards, any any any any, re-buy any cards, any suit any rank and old pile of wank, lose anything from £20 to one hundred graaaaaaand, re-buy any cards...

Poker tonight Feb 8th 2010

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Although we don't have a new league started up yet, poker at the Windrush Valley Card Club is alive and well on Mondays 8pm as usual.

Tonight will be a £60 freeze-out.

That is all. Good afternoon.

Christmas Party 21 December

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Right then, now then, now then, right then...the details of our Christmas Party and that: the total monies for this evening will be £50, or a bullseye if you're from the under classes. £20 for the meal and wines and what not and £30 for the game which I understand will be some sort of bounty game.

I should think kick off will be somewhere in the region of 7pm.

When I said these are the details, what I really meant was this is roughly what's happening. In my experience Christmas parties should have some wiggle room to accommodate last minute moments of inspiration.

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Christmas Party 21st December

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The Windrush Valley Card Club's Christmas Party will take place next Monday - December 21st. Details, like Ethiopian children, are thin on the ground (is that in poor taste? I've been on my own for two weeks so I've lost some social graces I'm afraid) - but anyway, details will emerge over the next 24 hours or so please keep checking back.

It'll be a turkey/beef dinner with many wines and other drinks followed by a bounty type freeze-out poker game.

Kick-off times and prices will be posted ASAP. Somewhere in the region of 7.3opm and between £50 - £80 I reckon.

Hope to see you all there, there really is no excuses for not celebrating the birth of the baby Jesus with us, unless you're an 'orrible evil islamic Turk or something of that sinister nature, but even if you are you should still come anyway.

Coochy-coo: The ickle baby Jesus 2009 years ago.

Final Game Chip Counts

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Chip counts for the final game next Monday (September 6th) are as follows:

Chris Peros..3,750
Gideon Long..2,950
Paul Porter..2,575
Matthew Bowden..2,400
John Salmon..2,350
Paul Peros..2,125
Mark Waites..2,075
Kathryn Brown..2,000
Jim Gladwin..1,950
Andy Perrie..1,675
Nick Dobson..1,625
Joe Azipuru..1,550
Little Dick..1,450
Big Dick..1,425
James Norden..1,350
Jason Oliver..1,200

Each player will also have the option of buying 5,000 more raising chips for £50.

Kick off will be 8.10pm - It'll be a black tie affair unless you wear something more casual.

il buono il brutto il cattivo

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Here is the final league table. Chris Peros is our Champion and why not. League points will be converted into raising chips on a ratio of 25 chips per league point. A further 5,000 raising chips will be available to each finalist for the very reasonable sum of £50.

By my calculations which I've just done on my fingers we should have somewhere in the region of £1500 to play for if everyone claims the extra chips. You could buy 15 awesome Space Lego sets for that so it's worth playing for.

The final shootout will take place on Monday September 7th - kick-off 8.10pm.